Pure Green Coffee Bean with GCA manufactured by Just Goodness is an excellent weight loss product, which is why it makes it to our top 10 dietary supplements list. We were satisfied and impressed with the results we found when reviewing this product and feel the manufacturer really delivered an excellent product.

The product utilizes 50% of Chlorogenic acids found within green coffee, these acids have been clinically proven to boost metabolism, support fat burning, and have even been known to suppress the appetite. This dosage of Chlorogenic Acid has been clinically proven by many health professionals to be the best quantity for weight loss and Just Goodness utilize these studies to deliver a top product.


This product contains only 100% pure Green Coffee Bean Extract encapsulated in vegetable cellulose making the product vegetarian friendly. The product also contains caffeine.

  • Green Coffee Bean Extract 800MG – Coffee Arabica, standardized for 50% Chlorogenic acids


This product comes in an 800mg veggie capsule form. The directions state to take two of these capsules a day; one should be taken of a morning and a following capsule of a night. This should always be done thirty minutes before meals along with a glass of water for best results.


One bottle of Pure Green Coffee Bean with GCA contains sixty capsules and will last thirty days when following the recommended dose. Each bottle is priced at $29.99. This is a very good price; however Just Goodness fails to offer any additional deals or packages, for customers looking to save money whilst purchasing a constant supply.

Possible Side Effects

This product is said to contain 20mg of naturally occurring caffeine per serving, equivalent to half a cup of coffee. Meaning any ill side effects caused by caffeine may be experienced when using this product. If pregnant, nursing, under the age of 18, or suffering from a previous medical condition, consult a doctor before use.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

Just Goodness offer a full 100% money back guarantee on their product, you will have thirty days to return the product if you are unsatisfied with the quality or results of the product. The manufacturer also offers a price guarantee, if you are able to find a green coffee dietary supplement similar to there’s on the market with a cheaper price, they will match that price for you.

We found a handful of customer reviews for this product, the general opinion is split, some customers claim they found no real benefits to using this product, and others claim it worked wonders.

The Bottom Line

The price guarantee on this product is a very nice offer from the manufacturers, as customers are able to purchase this supplement at an even lower price,mers are able to purchase this supplement at a low cost price and even lower if they feel ehy  market with a  if they are able to find a green coffee dietary supplement at a lower price than this one. Not only does Just Goodness offer this, they also offer to refund any customers that feel the product did not meet their needs, this is great customer service.

The customer reviews however, leaves the credibility of the product unknown. The reviews were split through the middle, some claiming it worked perfectly fine, and others that it did not work at all, this is very unfortunate.

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