Made by Only Natural, this supplement contains two types of green coffee bean ingredients, both high in chlorogenic acid as an antioxidant. It is designed to promote weight loss and maintenance of a healthy weight. Only Natural is committed to sustainability, and is a member of The Natural Products Association (NPA), and is inspected by third-party groups for safety and standards.


This supplement contains 200mg of Svetol, an ingredient derived from green coffee beans, and 200mg of green coffee bean extract, with 50% chlorogenic acids, and it is made in the USA. The ingredients are combined into a gelatine capsule. The green coffee bean extract in this supplement is made from unroasted arabica coffee beans, and has been shown to support weight loss and metabolic health. Svetol, extracted from green coffee beans, has been shown to aid in overall weight loss, as well as fat reduction, and also helps with glucose regulation to keep blood sugar levels steady. It is extracted in a proprietary manner that removes the caffeine and increases the potency of antioxidants. This supplement is free of gluten and wheat, yeast, cellulose, soy products, lactose, soy, sugar, and preservatives.


Only Natural recommends taking one to two capsules 30-minutes before meals, up to twice a day. There is no mention of groups who should avoid this supplement, but the instructions do recommend consulting your doctor or other healthcare provider before beginning a regimen, especially if you have a chronic illness, or are pregnant or breastfeeding. There is no suggested duration that this supplement should be taken for.

Possible Side Effects

Green coffee beans can cause insomnia, jitteriness, upset stomach, and increased heart rate. Svetol is formulated to remove caffeine, and according to the manufacturer’s website, has no side effects. This means that the total amount of caffeine is less that similar products which use solely green coffee bean extract. As the capsules are made from gelatin, this product is not suitable for vegetarians or vegans.


Through the company website, the product is sold for $19.95, and is available through Amazon for $11.95. It can also be found on a number of online pharmacies, and is available in select stores for similar pricing to the company’s website.


After searching the company’s website, we found that Only Natural backs all of its products with a 100% guarantee, though it is unclear how a buyer can return the product if they are not satisfied. There are no reviews visible through the company’s own website, but on Amazon, it has about a 50% positive rating.


This product is made in a facility committed to sustainability and quality, which is backed by the 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, and sourcing of ingredients. The lower than average amount of caffeine makes this product a good choice for those with caffeine sensitivity, although the presence of gelatin does limit users. Downsides include the unclear process to return the supplement if unsatisfied, and also the very mixed reviews which comment that it may work for some people and not for others.

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