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All coffee beans start out green, it is only when coffee is roasted that the colour changes and chemical and physical properties change, as does the taste. Raw coffee beans, contain many beneficial compounds including chlorogenic acid, which not only provides antioxidant properties to neutralize harmful free radicals in the body, but also plays a significant role in balancing blood sugar levels by inhibiting the release of glucose, as well as, boosting the metabolism of the liver to enable a higher level of fat burn for optimal weight loss. Green coffee has become very popular within the last few years and is very well known as an effective ingredient for aiding weight loss.

That’s why our team at Green Coffee Center is committed to helping people find the most comprehensive green coffee formula available that works quickly, easily and effectively, making the journey of weight loss, less stressful and challenging and basically easier! At Green Coffee Center, we are dedicated to creating an easily accessible site to provide those who want to shed those stubborn extra pounds with the latest in research and information. We are constantly working to improve our database to bring you the facts and figures you need to find the most effective product and hope we can get you one step closer to achieving the body you’ve always wanted.

Best of Luck,
The Green Coffee Center Team