How You Lose Weight With Green Coffee Extract

The green coffee extract has become quite the phenomenon in the world of losing weight. A numerous number of of people are using this extract as a means to shed huge amounts of unwanted fat. The green coffee is the raw material for coffee beans and in its natural state, will help in reduction of body fat. It also helps in the circulation of blood so that your heart rate quickens, causing your metabolism to act in a fast rate.

The effects are I might add; astounding. It has acquired a good reputation and more people are really scrambling to get this extract so that they can start losing that belly fat. Why is this case? Let us find out.

How You Lose Weight With Green Coffee ExtractChlorogenic Acid

This is a significant component in green coffee, since it is the one that is responsible for the fat burning process. It is essential that you don’t roast or burn the Green coffee Bean because the effects of the Chlorogenic Acid will diminish and naturally, will not aid in weight loss at all.

Weight Loss

It is estimated that one can lose about seventeen pounds in the span of about three months. That means you can lose approximately five pounds a month. But keep in mind that this all depends on the following factors; Exercise, Your body Metabolism and how much you consume your coffee. You definitely cannot expect to see results if you are just taking the extract and not doing anything else to speed up the process of losing weight.


You should not exceed eight hundred milligrams per day, twice everyday and ensure that you do so about thirty minutes before consumption of a meal. It will only work if it is pure, all natural green coffee extract. That is why you should first find out which products out there are the real thing, otherwise you may be consuming imitations of the real deal.

How You Lose Weight With Green Coffee ExtractYou have to be smart and understand that this extract will efficiently work if you incorporate a proper diet and adequate exercise in your daily routine. It is also safe to include vitamins in your weight loss endeavor.

A Word of Caution

There are certain people who unfortunately are advised strongly not to use this supplement. The extract, which is high in caffeine, might alter, affect or even drastically worsen someone’s condition if they take it.

The following people who suffer from the following medical conditions, should not attempt to use this extract and if they still insist on using it, they have to first seek the advice of their Physician.

  • Diabetics– caffeine can raise sugar levels in the blood or lower them dramatically.
  • High blood pressure– Blood pressure can rise due to the introduction of Caffeine in the bloodstream.
  • Panic attacks or anxiety disorders– It can worsen the stress levels in someone who is already frustrated and stressed.
  • Osteoporosis– caffeine has the potential of eliminating Calcium from the body.
  • Bleeding conditions– It may make such conditions from bad to worse.