How You Can Make Green Coffee Bean Extract

Green coffee bean extract seems to be spreading like bush fire as one of the new found products that will help in losing weight. It is said that it drastically enhances a person’s metabolism, thus enabling the body to lose weight. What people don’t know is that this amazing bean has been around for a long time. It is just recently that studies have proven that it can guarantee weight loss at a rapid pace.

With powerful antioxidants that are equated to the likes of green tea, green coffee bean extract burns annoying fat and it also helps with suppressing one’s appetite.

The Increase In Demand For Green Coffee Bean Extract

How You Can Make Green Coffee Bean ExtractNaturally, when a product is in high demand, so is the supply. Many people are starting to realize that this extract works and so of course, the scramble to get it is intense. It is always advisable and also smart to find out what you are consuming and which green coffee bean extract is ideal and authentic. For instance, the coffee beans that are from Colombia are reputed to be much stronger in effectiveness than most Coffee beans.

How To Make Green Coffee Beans Extract

You can make as much as you want depending on individual preference and time availability. Brewing a fresh pot everyday is recommended.

You will need:-

  • A tea pot
  • Distilled Water
  • Green coffee beans
  1. How You Can Make Green Coffee Bean ExtractPour about twelve ounces of distilled water into a regular sized teapot. (distilled water is the best since it is mineral and chlorine free)
  2. Add two ounces of your green coffee beans to the water.
  3. Place the teapot on the stove and let it heat until it is boiling.
  4. Immediately turn the heat of the stove down and wait for the mixture to simmer for roughly fifteen minutes.
  5. After that, place the teapot in a cool place and let it completely cool down for another hour or so.
  6. When the concoction is completely cold, get a strainer and filter all the beans from the mixture. You can leave them in the water as long as you can before doing this because the brew becomes stronger with time.

How To Consume Your Green Coffee Bean Extract

Drinking an ounce of the extract twice a day, preferably in the morning and evening is recommended. If it is too raw or unpleasant to take alone, some honey or sugar is ideal to alter the taste for a better drinking experience. You can also mix it in any other kind of foodstuffs you so choose to eat it with.

Word Of Caution

You might notice that your urine will acquire a slight discoloration when you start consuming it. There may be an alteration of bowels and how you move them, but you do not need to be worried. This is completely normal. However, if you start to experience any kind of discomfort or pain in the process of taking the green coffee bean extract, then you should immediately stop taking it.