Why Losing Weight is so Difficult

Why is it that gaining weight is so easy while losing weight feels like a difficult uphill battle from the get go? It is not just you but hundreds of thousands of people around the world are experiencing the difficulties of losing weight and a recent research has proven that losing weight is in fact as difficult as it sounds due to several factors.

A recent study was conducted and the data gathered was not optimistic. It has shown that obese individuals today are 10% heavier and larger than the average obesity weight from the 1970’s. This was the case even when people today eat the same level of calories daily. How is this possible? Medical researchers believe that environmental factors in to this increase in weight. So, to clear weight gain further we have included a list of possible scientific reasons as to why it has become even more difficult to lose weight today compared to a couple of decades ago. This eye opening list of factors might even help you develop a better weight loss plan.Why Losing Weight is so Difficult

Endocrine Disruptor Problems

The Problem: Eating a healthy diet and removing foods that are filled with preservatives and chemicals. Even if you are careful with the food you eat, you still cannot avoid getting into contact with chemicals that might increase the chances of weight gain. Chemicals such as pesticides and flame retardants can also cause your metabolism to slow down significantly.

Anything that will cause you to become exposed to bisphenol A or ethinyl estradiol, especially during conception, will lower your metabolism.

The Solution: Taking all the steps you can to avoid being exposed to BPA chemicals will go a long way. For example, store your food and water in glass rather than in plastic.

You are naturally overweight

The Problem: Those who have been overweight for a significant time will discover that it is more difficult for them to shed some body weight. A study showed that people who are overweight for almost a decade had a far more difficult experience in shedding just 5% body weight.

The Solution: Do not put forth an extremely big weight loss goal on yourself. Start small and work your way up in a slow but steady fashion. Your body will also be against you if you try to force it to lose weight. Take small steps rather than giant leaps when it comes to a weight loss program and you will gradually achieve your ideal body weight in time.

Jumping from One Diet Plan to Another

Why Losing Weight is so DifficultThe Problem: You might think that trying out different weight loss programs will yield better results but the truth is that this will be a huge deterrent when it comes to shedding unwanted body fat. Switching between different weight loss techniques will throw your body into a loop and will actually make losing weight harder.

The Solution: Do not flip between different “flavor of the month” diet programs. Also, it is not advisable that you completely remove a food group when it comes to dieting. Follow a method that promotes a balanced diet.

Overexerting Yourself during Workout is bad

The Problem: While taking on an exercise focused weight loss program might seem a good idea, this alone will not guarantee that you will trim away those fat. In fact, those who follow these physically straining workout routines tend to be the ones who are more likely to overeat which make their intensive workout routine all for naught.

The Solution: Exercise and a healthy diet is still the best way to go when it comes to losing weight. Exercise alone will give you limited results while only focusing on your diet will yield minimum positive results. Balancing workout and diet has always been the tried and true way to lose weight safely.