The Meteoric Rise of Green Coffee Bean Extract Supplements

The weight loss supplement market has seen its fair share of “miracle” products. But as you would have guessed, most were simply flavors of the month and after the initial hype died down, so did the sales. So, now you hear about this hot new item in the market that uses green coffee bean extracts to help shed off some of that unwanted weight. The question you must ask yourself should be: Is it effective? Are there clinical studies that back up its claims and are there any unwanted side effects?

Green Coffee at a Glance…

Chances are you first heard about this weight loss supplement from a well-known fitness and health television show. During the program, they conducted their own test that picked a hundred volunteers with some being given a placebo while the others are given the green coffee bean extract. They were instructed that no changes should be done to their daily diet and after 2 weeks the people that were given the extract dropped two pounds.

So what exactly is Green Coffee Bean Extracts?The Meteoric Rise of Green Coffee Bean Extract Supplements

Green is actually the natural color of coffee beans. They turn dark brown due to being roasted at blisteringly high temperatures. This gives it that signature scent and smooth taste that we all know and love.

On the other hand, green coffee is not roasted but is immersed in a specific liquid to make the chemicals within more concentrated and is extracted when ready.

What is the Difference between Black Coffee and Green Coffee?

Good question. They are both coffee so why choose one over the other? The answer is actually really simple and clear. When you roast a coffee bean its antioxidant level increases but one vital compound gets eliminated. This compound is known as chlorogenic acid or CGA and it is the key to all the health benefits that green coffee bean extract offers.

CGA offers a load of health benefits which include faster metabolism, curbs hunger and balances blood pressure and sugar levels. This, along with its weight loss properties, makes the green coffee stand out from the competition.

How effective is it?The Meteoric Rise of Green Coffee Bean Extract Supplements

Studies were conducted about the validity of green coffee bean extract’s claims. These studies yielded some promising results. One of the tests had volunteers take about 700 milligrams of green coffee bean extract for a total of two months. The results came in and they discovered that all volunteers weighed in 16 lbs lighter. However, take these tests with a grain of salt as there are only a few that was properly conducted.

How safe is this Supplement?

At this moment, taking green coffee bean extract is relatively safe with no cases of negative side effects being reported by customers. However, it is still best to consult with your doctor before trying this weight loss supplement to know what you should and should not do when using it.

Final Verdict

Is green coffee bean effective? The reviews speak of it quite highly and clinical studies do back up its claims. However, as different manufacturers employ different methods in producing green coffee bean extract, each might have varying effects. Learning to know what to choose is important in order to get the best one available. The price is also quite expensive. In comparison, working out and eating healthy is not only cheap but also extremely effective.