Pharmaceutical Drugs VS Nutritional Supplements

Recent surveys have concluded that almost 70% of the population in America takes some form of supplement. But is taking supplements daily actually safe for the health? Another study was then conducted to figure this little conundrum out. The data revealed some pretty promising results for the nutritional supplement industry.

Studies revealed that those who are not taking any food supplement have a significantly higher risk of being food poisoned and are more likely to die from preventable medical injuries during their hospital stay.

Pharmaceutical Drugs VS Nutritional SupplementsPharmaceutical drugs are also taken into account in terms of their safety when used. It revealed that pharmaceutical drugs have a higher chance of developing side effects and that these side effects range from mild to severe, this is a risk that nutritional supplements have circumvented almost completely.

Data that has been gathered has shown that nutritional supplements are one of the safest ways to keep your body’s nutrition levels at an ideal level without the risk of side effects compared to using pharmaceutical drugs.

Criticisms Being Thrown at Nutritional Supplements

Even with a solid and trusted reputation, supplements are constantly being scrutinized by health agencies. They inform the general public that the manufacturers of supplements should always prove the safety of the ingredients used in their product. This is understandable and should always come first when it comes to new types of supplements but those who have already built a solid reputation for decades is still feeling the brunt of this ire from government health organizations.

Pharmaceutical Drugs VS Nutritional SupplementsFortunately, the proposed strict guidance when it comes to supplements has been revised. Manufacturers of supplements must still follow a set of strict guidelines but it is now considerably fair in comparison to the previous draft.

There have been some rumors circulating the drug industry about the real reason why nutritional supplements go through such a difficult and strict screening before being given the green signal to be sold to the public and it all revolves around big pharmaceutical companies trying to eliminate the competition.

Pharmaceutical Drugs and their Higher Health Risk

While pharmaceutical drugs have a relatively easier time passing through government health agencies, they are known for being the cause of hundreds of thousands of serious side effects every year. Some of these cases even lead to the death of the patient. However, it appears as if government health agencies are more lax when it comes to approving pharmaceutical drugs even with proof of how dangerous some of these drugs can be.

According to a recent study there are several types of drugs that are being looked at as the most dangerous when it comes to its known side effects:

  • AnalgesicPharmaceutical Drugs VS Nutritional Supplements
  • Sedatives
  • Antipsychotics
  • Cardiovascular Drugs
  • Opiods
  • Acetaminophen Combinations
  • Anti-depressants

Yet pharmaceutical drug manufacturers are not even being given a slap on the wrist for these incidents concerning their own products.

It is Time to Begin a Healthier Living Routine

How can we avoid these dangerous drugs? The answer is simple. We must begin taking care of our body better and stop relying on drugs to keep us healthy. Nutritional supplements are a good choice to begin this healthy transition but they are merely there for support and should not be taken as our primary source of vitamins and minerals. Daily exercise and a proper diet is still the best method to achieve a healthy body and mind.