The Health Benefits of Pure Green Coffee

Coffee is something that is a key part of many people’s daily routines. It is commonly known that the beverage has a long history, but most people don’t know the true extent of this. For thousands of years, coffee beans have been used for a wide variety of purposes. The primary use of coffee beans at the time was, predictably, a food source. The beans were mixed with fat from animals and blended into a pasty substance by many East African cultures. In as early as 1000 A.D., ancient Ethiopian cultures produced a primitive version of wine which was made using coffee beans. The caffeine-rich beverage most people know as coffee today was widely brewed all over the Arabian peninsula. Green coffee bean extract is known to carry several health benefits, which extends beyond the boosting of weight loss.

The Health Benefits of Pure Green CoffeeGreen coffee beans have a different build up and composition than the brown coffee which is used to brew the hot drink, as green coffee beans have not gone through the roasting process which destroys many chemical compounds within the bean. Green coffee is rich in powerful anti-oxidants, which can decrease the amount of carcinogenic free radicals found in the body. Photogenic acid is another substance which provides humans with various benefits. Another bonus that pure green coffee provides is the lack of Cafestol, which, due to its abundance in the beverage brewed from brown coffee, is what results in addiction.

Green coffee beans, having not yet gone through the roasting process, contain a number of chemical compounds which are beneficial to human health.

Among these substances is chlorogenic acid and polyphenolic acid. Chlorogenic acids have been identified as the source of most health benefits of green coffee bean extract. Also commonly found in green coffee extract is CQA (caffeoylquinic acid), and its counterpart DCQA (dicaffeoylquinic acids). The American FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has yet to find any kinds of detrimental side effects caused by the consumption of green coffee bean extracts, as long as they are pure. Of the two primary coffee plants, the Arabica contains superior anti-oxidant content, and therefore most green coffee bean extract supplements are produced using the extract from Arabica beans.The Health Benefits of Pure Green Coffee

Besides the previously mentioned high anti-oxidant count, green coffee bean extract has other health benefits as well. One of the primary benefits of green coffee extract, the one which made it famous, is its potency as a weight loss supplement. Taking green coffee will boost the rate at which you lose weight with exercise, and it also decreases cravings, making adhering to a diet much easier. Green coffee extracts also improve heart health, as it lowers blood pressure and boosts cardiovascular function, allowing for proper circulation.

One of the least known benefits of green coffee extract is its effect of cleaning out the colon. Faulty waste excretion can lead to a number of uncomfortable health issues. Taking pure green coffee bean extract supplements will not only improve your weight loss, but also give you the added bonus of these health benefits.