Green Coffee Extract makes it to our top 10 list of best Green Coffee Dietary Supplements for its excellent quality and exceptional results. After reviewing this product we were very impressed with how well the product works when compared to other similar dietary supplements currently on the market.

Green Coffee Extract by Wild Health uses the Chlorogenic acid found within Green Coffee to aid customers with their weight loss goals. Green Coffee has been clinically proven by health professionals to aid with losing weight, and Wild Health has cut no corners with their product, as they use the recommended dose of 50% Chlorogenic Acid in their product to deliver the best results.


The formula is made up of 100% pure green coffee bean extract; it also contains Gelatin capsules, and caffeine.

  • Green Coffee Bean Extract 800mg – Green Coffee antioxidant standardized to 50% Chlorogenic acid)


The product comes in capsule form and in brief description Wild Health directs customers to take two capsules per day. This is the only information given and no mention of at what time of day, or whether to take the capsules before or after meals is mentioned.


One bottle of Green Coffee Extract contains sixty capsules and will last users approximately thirty days, when following the recommended dose. Each bottle is priced at $98.00. Unfortunately, no additional deals, discounts, or packages are offered with this product, leaving customers with only one option when buying.

Possible Side Effects

Green Coffee typically contains no ill side effects. However, this product does contain caffeine which will have the equivalent effects of coffee. You should avoid taking any more than two of these capsules a day, and if any concerns arise due to being pregnant, nursing, under the age of 18, or suffering from previous medical conditions, consult a doctor before use.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

The manufacturer does not offer any money back guarantee for customers purchasing the product. After some research we did find that they offer a free trial of the product, you will have the product for 14 days, if you return it you will only be billed for shipping. However, if you decide to keep the product you will be charged at a reduced price of $78.98 and automatically signed up to a monthly subscription, for the same price of $78.98 for each bottle you receive.

We failed to find any reviews for this product whatsoever, this is unfortunate, but at least customers are offered a trial of the product to make up for the lack of customer feedback on the product.

The Bottom Line

Wild Health have done their research correctly, and delivered an all-around good product for weight loss. The product works very well and uses some of the highest grade ingredients available which is why it makes it to one of our top picks.

The price of this product is a let-down as Green Coffee dietary supplements often tend to be cheaper. With no deals or discounts offered customers are left with minimal options and little information to find out about the product and its ingredients.

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