Improve your Health with Green Coffee Bean Extract

We have just scratched the surface when it comes to amount of benefits one can derive from a coffee bean. Researchers have just recently discovered that pure unroasted coffee bean can assist our body in losing weight. Now, medical researchers are taking a closer look at the coffee bean to find out what other health benefits we can get this favorite hot beverage ingredient.

What We Know About Green Coffee Bean

Improve your Health with Green Coffee Bean ExtractIt is now pretty common to see products that contain extracts from green coffee beans in the market. Its popularity stems from its ability to offer not just a safe way to lose weight but also other effects that our body will greatly benefit from. For example, a pure green coffee bean extract is a great source of antioxidants. Polyphenols is a compound that is found in unroasted coffee bean which is known for its high antioxidant properties.

Another ingredient that can be found in green coffee beans is the photogenic acid which is known for a myriad of health benefits to the human body. However, one of the biggest benefits of drinking pure unroasted coffee beans is the fact that it excludes a key negative ingredient in roasted coffee beans. Cafestol develops within the coffee bean when it is roasted; this gives the coffee its bitter taste but is also a habit forming compound. Taking the coffee bean in its natural state eliminates this compound completely.

What Compounds is Present within Green Coffee Beans?

The most common ingredients found in green coffee beans are chlorogenic acids and polyphenols. Cholorgenic acid is the compound that helps increase our body’s metabolism and in effect helps us lose weight easier. Not only that but it is also known for its anti-inflammatory capabilities. Other compounds found in each extract are the dicaffeoylguinic acid (DCQA) and caffeoylguinic acid (CQA) which contain high levels of photogenic acids.

Both the Arabica coffee plant and Robusta coffee plant can be used to create green coffee bean extracts but the Arabica is much more recommended as it is far stronger and contains more healthy compounds.

What are the Health Benefits we can get from Green Coffee Beans?

Improve your Health with Green Coffee Bean ExtractWe already know about its ability to assist our body in losing weight but a little known fact is that it is also a great source of antioxidants that can help our body flush out free radicals and other unwanted chemicals.

Other health benefits we can gain from drinking green coffee bean is its ability to lower blood pressure, strengthens the cardiovascular system, manages blood sugar levels and helps prevents diabetes and a colon cleanser.

Green coffee beans are quickly picking up speed when it comes to popularity with the public who are looking for a reliable and healthy supplement that they can take to keep their body strong.

Its ability to help a person lose weight is an extra benefit that will also help that person aim for a healthier lifestyle. This extract may still hold several health benefits that we have yet to discover but what it offers today is more than enough to put us on the right and healthy path.