Why Take Green Coffee Bean Extracts?

You may have already heard of the new popular supplement that is based off of natural green coffee bean extracts and you may already be aware of its amazing weight loss properties. But are you aware that it also contains several fantastic health benefits as well?

Why Take Green Coffee Bean Extracts?While you may right this off as just another passing fad in the weight loss industry, you might want to learn about the facts first which are all based around clinical studies on this sought after fruit. While the standard “black” coffee is popular the world over, it comes with several downsides as we see coffee as something that could be bad for your health in the long run. But this all starts from how we actually process the bean to create our beloved morning drink.

By roasting the coffee bean, we basically destroy a lot of the helpful nutrients that are naturally contained in each little green bean. For example, almost 90% of the coffee bean’s chlorogenic acid (CGA) content gets destroyed during the roasting process. CGA is a compound that contains high levels of antioxidants which can help cleanse our body of free radicals. It also has several effects such as weight loss.

Other Known Benefits of Green Coffee Bean Extracts

Taking green coffee bean extract daily can help our body regain a stable and balanced blood pressure levels. This is great news for those suffering from high blood pressure as studies show that daily intake of about 140mg green coffee bean extract helped lower blood pressure levels back to a manageable state. There were also no reported negative side effects to using this supplement to manage blood pressure levels.

Why Take Green Coffee Bean Extracts?Another fantastic health benefit that is synonymous with the use of green coffee bean extract supplements is its ability to manage blood sugar levels. This is great news for those who have a family history of diabetes as they are born with higher levels of glucose in their bloodstream. Drinking about 400 mg of green coffee bean extract per day can effectively stave of excessive glucose level production within the body. Another nice positive side effect that drinking green coffee can deliver is more about the mind’s health. Coffee has always been known for its ability to boost your brain’s alertness thanks to the caffeine content. While caffeine is a double edged sword which can also do harm when taken in excess, green coffee’s caffeine content is just at the right amount to help minimize risk of negative side effects. Studies have shown that green coffee can not only heighten our alertness but also boost our memory and even helps prevent depression.

Finally, we get to the main benefits of drinking green coffee, its high antioxidant content. This not only helps keep free radical in check but also contains a special compound known as CGA that helps boost our liver’s metabolic rate and reduce glucose production within the body. This is the key ingredient to green coffee bean extract’s effective weight loss capabilities and what makes it special in the market that is flooded with one trick weight loss supplements.