The Side Effects Of Green Coffee Extract

The green coffee extract is very popular for burning unwanted fat in the world today. It is a supplement that people are curious about, if they are not already taking it. With the increase of unhealthy lifestyles and adding weight as a result, People are seeking all kinds of ways of losing weight and the supplement green coffee extract is one of them.

However, one has to proceed with caution when ingesting any kind of supplement, even if they are the reputed kind. It is always a good idea to do you research first and find out what you are about to put into your body. Just like many others, green coffee extract comes with its own side effects and the public should be aware of them.

What Is Green Coffee?The Side Effects Of Green Coffee Extract

Basically, green coffee is just raw coffee beans. That is why the supplement is effective because of its raw properties. When coffee beans are roasted, they lose most of their potency. Due to these factors, brown or dark beans do not even come close to the green ones.

Why Green Coffee Is So Effective

It contains the chlorogenic acid which not only has weight loss properties, but it has said to have antioxidant ones as well. With roasting and grinding and all those other processes that come with processing coffee, the chlorogenic acid is lost or becomes minimal, thus decreasing effectiveness.

What You Should Look Out For While taking Green Coffee Extract

People who know have a clean bill of health are in the clear while taking this supplement. But with all good things, bad things must tag along. This extract, although effective in losing weight, does have a few side effects of its own IF you have pre-existing conditions. You should always seek professional advice before taking it.

People who have the following ailments should take Caution:

  • Glaucoma- If you take the green coffee supplement, it will drastically affect your blood levels.
  • The Side Effects Of Green Coffee ExtractBreastfeeding or pregnant women- The effects of the extract are transmittable to the baby, through breastfeeding or while pregnant. Caffeine is too strong to be in the system of a young heart such as an infant.
  • Osteoporosis- It will decrease the calcium in one suffering osteoporosis and this of course, is not good.
  • Bleeding Disorders- Those that suffer from this disorders should not take this extract for it has a tendency of raising blood pressure.
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome- caffeine will definitely interfere with your bowels and make your condition worse.

Another group of people who should avoid taking this supplement are staunch, die hard coffee lovers.

If you are in the habit of consuming several cups of coffee a day faithfully, then you have to decide which one is more important to you because you can’t take both. It is best to either wait until you can stop drinking coffee or lose wight some other way because it is dangerous to consume both coffee and the green coffee extract supplement. That is too much caffeine in the body.