Green Coffee – One of the Best Sources of Antioxidants

It has become a popular belief that coffee can be bad for one’s overall health if you drink it in excess. While there is a basis for this claim, the truth is that we can also get some health benefits from our favourite hot morning beverage but it needs to be processed a bit differently than normal. The green coffee bean extract is actually jam packed with antioxidants that can help strengthen the body. It is also a great weight loss supplement as well.Green Coffee - One of the Best Sources of Antioxidants

The Two Popular Coffee Plants

There are two popular types of coffee plants that are used worldwide to produce the beverage: the Arabica Coffee Plant and the Roubusta Coffee Plant. The Arabica is the more popular of the two and is basically the better tasting one as well.

The thing is, whenever we roast a coffee bean to create that smooth bitter taste, we effectively eliminate some of its best characteristics. Roasting the bean will actually reduce the chlorogenic acid content to a minimum or sometimes eliminate it completely. What is chlorogenic acid? It is a chemical that contains high levels of antioxidants and is one of the coffee bean’s main active ingredients.

Benefits of Green Coffee as Compared to Normal “Black” Coffee

While black coffee beans do have a certain level of antioxidants contained within each bean, it pales in comparison to what a natural green coffee bean contains. The standard coffee most of us love to drink basically contains almost none of the great vitamins and minerals it naturally has because of how we process it.

Green Coffee - One of the Best Sources of AntioxidantsRoasting a coffee bean not only removes its high antioxidant properties, it also increases the risk of health ailments if the beverage is taken in excess. There is also the issue of coffee beans being one of the most heavily pesticide sprayed plants in the farming industry. These chemicals can be dangerous to our health and may even increase the risk of cancer.

Going back to green coffee beans will not only eliminate these risks but also help prevent other ailments from developing in our body. Green coffee bean is a great source of antioxidants that can help cleanse our body of harmful chemicals. It can also increase our liver’s metabolism and be of huge assistance when it comes to losing weight. It also offers another health benefit that is not talked about as much but is certainly one of its biggest advantages.

Green Coffee Bean Extracts and its Effect on Blood Sugar Levels

As we grow older our body weakens when it comes to regulating glucose levels that are absorbed into the bloodstream. This is why the risk of diabetes gets higher as the years go by. By including green coffee bean extract supplement into our daily diet, we are able to boost our body’s ability to maintain manageable glucose levels.

This is how green coffee bean extract weight loss supplements work. By increasing metabolism and reducing glucose production, our body not only prevents serious ailments from developing but also turns to an alternative source for energy, in this case our body fat. Taking green coffee bean is a win-win situation as not only will it help you achieve the body and weight you desire but also protects you from several ailments as well.