Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract

While there aren’t any genuine one-shot miracle supplements that can melt away your excess fat without any added effort, there are ways to boost your rate of weight loss. While the scientific community is generally outspokenly critical of the dietary supplement industry, especially the weight loss category, and usually suggest avoiding drugs or supplements that claim to boost weight loss, green coffee bean extract supplements are an exception from this. The reason for this? Not only do they have verified scientific backing, but they most importantly quite simply work. While we cannot even begin to speak of weight loss without taking exercise and a healthy diet into consideration, some people who keep themselves to a strict diet and exercise regimen without seeing any substantial results may become disheartened. This is where supplements come into the picture.

Pure Green Coffee Bean ExtractGreen coffee bean extract supplements have been enjoying the media spotlight recently, and with good reason, with renowned nutrition experts and prestigious doctors (meaning actual medical professionals, not phony TV celebrities with “Dr.” tacked on to their name) accepting and verifying the weight loss properties of green coffee bean extract. Unfortunately some exaggeration has seeped into some marketing materials for this substance, as some articles claim that no addition effort is required when taking green coffee extract, and that it performs its function on its own. This, however, like in the case of any dietary supplement, is not true. If you are not willing to exercise rigorously, do not even dream of shedding those extra kilograms. Regular exercise is the key to a healthy life.

Pure Green Coffee Bean ExtractThe study which put green coffee bean extract on the radar of weight loss provided the scientific community with some interesting results. The study involved a total of 16 adult participants who took regular doses of green coffee extract supplements alongside a standardized diet and exercise regimen. Once the three months were over, the results were recorded. As it turns out all of the participants lost 16% of their fat, over 10% of their total mass, and all this without any side effects. These definitive results led researchers to believe that green coffee bean extracts can prove to be a true savior for those among us who may be struggling with achieving our weight loss goals using traditional methods. A common misconception regarding green coffee bean extract supplements is that they function using elevated levels of caffeine. While this association is understandable due to the drink brewed from coffee beans serves as a caffeine-fueled energy booster.

However, the un-processed ad un-roasted coffee bean does not contain particularly high amounts of caffeine. The beneficial chemical involved increasing one’s metabolism, which is what is linked to weight loss, is destroyed during roasting, which is why the coffee beans are used in their green, un-processed state. The bonuses of not relying on caffeine include avoiding negative side effects such as jitters, and the metabolic boosting factor. While caffeine only gives you a small kick of energy, an increased metabolism will prevent the further deposition of fat, and also begins using up built up fat as fuel for exercise.