Green Coffee Bean and its Weight Loss Properties

A recent discovery about the numerous health benefits of unroasted coffee bean has propelled it into the limelight and is now currently one of the top weight loss supplements in the market. Not only does it offer a great way to help you lose weight, it also comes with several health benefits that further separate it from other weight loss products.

How Green Coffee Bean Helps your Body to Lose Weight

Coffee beans naturally contain high levels of polyphenols which includes chlorogenic acid or CGA. This is a potent antioxidant that assists the body in flushing out unwanted chemicals such as free radicals which causes negative effects on the body’s tissue. Not only that, but researchers have also discovered that coffee beans that were not roasted contains anti-hypertensive properties which helps normalize blood pressure.

Green Coffee Bean is not Your Average Weight Loss SupplementThe main difference between green coffee bean and black roasted ones is that the former contains a significantly lower amount of caffeine. Green coffee is in fact a non-stimulant supplement. It should also be noted that CGA gets destroyed when put through extreme temperature which is why standard roasted coffee will have minimum to non-existent levels of CGA.

So how exactly does CGA help in terms of making the body lose weight faster? Well, first of all, CGA promotes better blood sugar balancing by slowing down the production of glucose within the body. It also helps increase the metabolism of the liver which in turn burns fat as glucose levels is being maintained. This results in faster weight loss when used in conjunction with exercise and proper diet.

Clinical Studies has Proven the Effectiveness of Green Coffee

A study that was conducted in 2006 showed the weight loss effects of green coffee bean extract when tested in mice. During this intensive research, scientists discovered that the mouse was able to reduce its overall body and fat and weight. The results in these tests showed the potential of unroasted coffee beans when it comes to maintaining a healthy body weight.

Green Coffee Bean is not Your Average Weight Loss SupplementFurther studies were made in 2011 which included a test on human volunteers. The study required two groups with one taking a placebo while the other group took green coffee bean extracts. The results spoke for themselves as during the three month test period, the ones who took green coffee bean extract was able to lose about 5 pounds each while the other group who took the placebo lost 1 pound only.

Another test was done in 2012 which further cemented the previous test’s findings. In this test, several adults were given green coffee supplements for 2 months. They were not required to change their diet or do daily exercises and the results were mind blowing.

All volunteers saw a decrease of overall BMI as a high as 10%. There were also no reported side effects during this test from all who participated.

Final Thoughts

The effectiveness of green coffee in terms of weight loss has been proven and it has also been proven to be relatively safe to use. Of course, this is not a miracle product that will solve all your weight gain problems. In the end, to truly acquire all the benefits of this supplement you need to have discipline when it comes to your daily diet. Working out is also vital and will further quicken the results.