Green Coffee and its Weight Loss Capabilities

The green coffee bean extracts have now become a staple dietary drink for those who are looking for some assistance when it comes to losing weight. It is quite impressive how a product that we have used for centuries hide another benefit that we have just recently discovered.

What is Green Coffee Bean Extract?

Green coffee bean is basically an unroasted coffee bean. This is taken fresh and unroasted which we discover helps maintain its weight loss properties. This is why green coffee bean extracts are now one of the top ingredients in weight loss supplements.

The coffee beans that are sold are usually brown which is due to being roasted under a temperature of over 400 degrees. Coffee beans are actually green and contain more health benefits fresh than when roasted.

Green Coffee and its Weight Loss CapabilitiesA study that was conducted in 2011 showed that unroasted and fresh coffee bean contains a compound known as Chlorogenic Acid. This ingredient is actually a highly effective weight loss agent and is a natural compound in green coffee beans. This compound is eliminated when roasted but studies have shown that it can help in limiting glucose absorption and helps increase metabolism.

During the same study, the researchers tested the effectiveness of the extract found in green coffee beans with 16 volunteers. They were split into two groups with one being given a placebo while the other group is given the extract.

After 5 month of continuous use and daily exercise, the group that was consuming green coffee bean extract saw a decrease of 16% fat. The daily calorie intake of each volunteer was around 2,500 and they were able to burn off 400 calories each day with the help of the extract.

What to Look for in a Green Coffee Bean Extract Supplement?

You should not instantly purchase any product that simply claims to have green coffee bean extracts. There are several factors that you should consider before choosing the best weight loss supplement. Below is a list of what you Green Coffee and its Weight Loss Capabilitiesshould consider when purchasing a weight loss supplement that uses green coffee bean extract.

It needs to be 100% pure green coffee bean extract – The product must contain 100% pure green coffee bean extracts. There should be no extra ingredients added, just the extract itself.

The Chlorogenic Acid level should be at 50% – It should be between 40 to 50% so that you will be able to get the optimum benefits and results.

Capsules should contain a minimum of 400 mg – Anything less than 400 mg per capsule might cause the extract to be digested quickly and prevent it from being properly absorbed by the body which means you lose its benefits as well.

Getting Trustworthy Green Coffee Bean Extract Supplements

Always purchase one from manufacturers with a solid reputation in the market. You should also check if they are registered in the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to ensure the quality of both their product and their customer service. Green coffee bean extract is one of the most effective ingredients for those who wish to lose some weight but keep in mind that you should also develop a healthy lifestyle that includes exercise and proper diet.