Why You Should Avoid Free Green Coffee Offers

You may have seen a couple of advertisements that promises free tryouts of green coffee bean extract that lure people into registering to their automatic monthly supply purchase. This would have been a good deal if not for the fact that the green coffees they are offering are overpriced inferior quality products. Read on below to know how to avoid falling into one of these scams.

Free Green Coffee is NOT Free

Why You Should Avoid Free Green Coffee OffersThis is simply false advertising used to lure unsuspecting customers into signing up for whatever “promo” they are offering. Their fine print may make it sound as if you will be able to save money but the fact is that they will be bleeding your wallet for what is basically a low quality product that is being touted as the next best thing.

Check the website’s Terms and Conditions page and read it carefully. It is intentionally written to have loopholes that they can take advantage of. You will be lead to believe you are simply registering for a  free trial but the truth is that you are already registering to their monthly supply program.

There is no such thing as Free Trial or Bottles

Websites that state they offer free tryouts for their products with free shipping should be taken with a grain of salt. Put yourself in the shoes of a legitimate business operator. Would you really risk losing hundreds of your products due to a free trial promo? A promo that is conducted online which is even riskier as information can be easily tampered with.

Free offers online are highly likely to be just scams. There maybe a few legitimate offers out there but are mostly time limited and you should always check the track record of the company offering the said promo.

How does this Scam work?

Why You Should Avoid Free Green Coffee OffersThere are several red flags prevalent throughout the statement this supposedly free promo offers. The biggest one is definitely the requirement of customers to send in their credit card info. If it is free then why would a customer need to submit their credit card information? They might claim that it is for the fee of shipping but that is mostly not the case.

Cancelling your order is also extremely difficult as the customer service for these types of websites basically non-existent and emails will always go unanswered or will give you reply that is merely a delaying tactic. Fraudulent companies will never play fair and will always look out for themselves. If you ever see an offer for a free green coffee online your best course of action is to simply ignore it.

Always conduct business with reputable businesses only that has built a solid reputation among hundreds to thousands of customers. Green coffee is a great product that offers numerous health benefits and is a safe and easy way to lose weight but be careful with those who are trying to take advantage of the product’s reputation as well as its customers to simply scam others out of there hard earned cash.