Health Reasons Why You Should Lose Weight

Most think that gaining a few extra pounds is not much of a big deal. However, this belief is far from the truth. While gaining an extra pounds may seem like more of a nuisance, it has far reaching effects when it comes to our health. We may not feel it now but in the future it will make a large impact on our health.

So, here are several reasons as to why you should always maintain a healthy weight, your future may depend on it.

  1. Lowers the Risk of Developing Cancer

Studies have shown that women who are overweight have a much higher risk of developing endometrial cancer such as breast cancer. This is due to the fact that body fat increases the body’s estrogen production which is being looked at as one of the reasons for breast cancer. Another study has shown that the chemical leptin, which is a hormone connected to weight gain, is also linked to the spread of cancerous breast cells.

  1. Keeps your Mind Sharp

Health Reasons Why You Should Lose WeightThere was a study conducted that showed the effects of what being overweight does to the brain. This study concluded that obese people have an extremely high chance of developing dementia in their later years. The heavier and larger the person is, the higher the risk that they start developing dementia. To prevent this from happening, switch to nonfat or low fat yogurt drinks in the morning. The amount of calcium yogurt contains can help your body increase its metabolism throughout the day.

  1. Enhances your Body’s Healing Factor

Having a healthy body mass can help you recover from injuries and medical operations faster without the risk of developing any side effects. This is doubly true for cancer survivors. Studies show that obese women had a higher chance of developing complications after mastectomy. Overweight individuals would also not get the full benefits of medications from chemotherapy as they are given smaller doses due to the risk of toxicity.

  1. Keeps your Heart Healthy

It is common knowledge now that the fatter you are, the greater the risk of heart attacks. Obese people are 50% more likely to suffer heart attack a decade earlier than those who are well within a healthy weight limit. Obesity can also increase the risk of diabetes and high blood pressure. Always include foods that are good for your heart’s health such as dark leafy vegetables and unsalted nuts.

  1. Prevents you from Feeling Depressed

Health Reasons Why You Should Lose WeightDoctors have found a link between depression and obesity. A study was conducted that gathered data from 4,000 women, ages 40 to 65. Studies have shown that about 6.5% of the women who had a normal BMI suffered from some sort of depression. However, the numbers rocketed upwards to 25% with women who are overweight. Changing your daily lifestyle can help but it is recommended that those who suffer from depression seek out professional help from a therapist.

  1. Avoid Body Pains

Those who are overweight are more akin to having body pains and aches than people with a normal weight. Try conducting about an hour a day of exercise. Talk to your doctor for a good beginner’s exercise routine or watch a workout video that you are interested in trying out. Start slow and you will be able to steadily lose weight while also gaining the benefits of having a healthy and fit body.

Staying healthy is not just an aesthetic for the body. It is a way to guarantee that you will stay healthy and safe from any dangerous health ailments in the future. The steps to losing weight are easy but maintaining them is the real challenge. But with all difficult tasks comes great rewards in the future so start trimming off those excess body weight.