Green Coffee Bean Facts

Green coffee extracts have become extremely popular since the discovery of their weight loss properties all around the globe. Pure green coffee bean extract supplements also carry numerous other health benefits, making them a useful product for everyone, especially if they are trying to get into shape, but not only. Green coffee extracts are derived from the un-roasted coffee beans. Green coffee and the brown coffee you’re used to seeing is essentially the same thing, however the green coffee hasn’t gone through the high temperature roasting process, and therefore contains numerous compounds that have beneficial effects. The weight reducing and energy boosting properties make this new ingredient much sought after.

Green Coffee Bean FactsFor people seeking to get into shape, a balanced diet and strict exercise regimen is necessary. Green coffee bean extracts don’t supplant these, but rather add to them,  and boost their effectiveness. Among the many health benefits is blood sugar and pressure regulation. Another main benefit, which is where the weight loss comes into the picture, is the boost it gives to your metabolic rate. Other benefits include, but are not restricted to, decreasing cravings and hunger, boosting your energy levels, and instilling within the user a general feeling of health and purity.

Roasting the green coffee beans at extremely high temperatures is necessary to prepare the beans for brewing, but it destroys most beneficial chemical compounds found in the beans.

Green Coffee Bean FactsThe chlorogenic acid found in the beans is what helps with increasing metabolic rate and weight loss, while the high anti oxidant count decreases the level of carcinogenic free oxygen radicals in your body. Green coffee extract also has the ability to improve the condition of certain diseases. Due to the anti inflammatory function of green coffee, it can be used to treat or even prevent arthritis, ensuring our joints remain healthy. This particular benefit can be associated with the record breaking anti oxidant count found within the beans, which leads to significantly less toxins being present in our bodies. This way inflammations can be fought against much more easily, and joint will degrade at a decreased pace.

High cholesterol induced heart and circulatory diseases can also be prevented by taking green coffee bean extracts, as the substances within the extract work towards improving general cardiovascular health.

All these are great, but weight loss is the biggest draw of green coffee bean extract supplements. As mentioned previously, this can be attributed to a boost to the metabolic rate, as well as the presence of chlorogenic acid. This decreases blood glucose levels, which allows for the body to begin using up stored fat as a source of fuel, especially if tasked with highly demanding actions such a exercise. All of the health benefits of green coffee extract have been verified through scientific study, and this substance has been proven to be 100% side effect free, making it an extremely safe product to use for anyone seeking to give their weight loss a boost, or simply to live a much more healthy lifestyle.