Green Coffee Weight Tracker Project

Weight loss supplements have always been a topic of strong controversy. Even when a product has the kind of popularity and endorsement as green coffee bean extract does, you will see dissenting opinions at every turn. You see conflicting scientific studies, court rulings regarding misleading marketing, customer testimonials and clinical backing, all of which muddy the water. But what if you could get cold, hard raw data from your own experiences? What if you could track, in detail, how the use of green coffee bean extract augments your weight loss? It would settle the question for good.

Green Coffee Weight Tracker ProjectThis is what the green coffee bean extract weight tracking project has set out to do, in order to provide the users and customers with the assurance and proof they need to be confident in the purchasing of their supplement products.

The project is built up of different components all styled to allow you to track different factors and variables that are involved in your dietary and exercise regimen. Basically, it is structured as a series of questions, ranging from the painfully obvious such as “have you taken you daily green coffee extract dietary supplement?” and noting your weight at the time of writing next to the date, to more complex tasks such as leading a detailed food log with ingredients and nutritional information added.

If you are new to the weigh loss supplement scene and don’t really know what green coffee is or does, let us introduce this versatile bean to you. Don’t let the name misguide you, these beans aren’t exactly green. They’re a very light shade of brown with a slight greenish tint or hue, and are found in the pods of the fruit called the red coffee cherry.

Green Coffee Weight Tracker ProjectThe beans are processed in many ways, such as roasting, drying, brewing and grinding. The powder that is produced by the grinding is what is used in the brewing of the drink of the same name as the bean.

Coffee is an everyday element of the lives of millions, as it provides them with a boost of energy when they need it. Green coffee extract supplement also boost your energy, but in a different way.

While coffee relies on caffeine to work, green coffee extract instead increases your metabolic rate, and helps you lose more weight with the power of chlorogenic acid.

The origins of green coffee bean extract as a weight loss supplement can be traced back to 2012 when a study was released in the January issue of the “Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity Journal”. This study detailed findings regarding the various health benefits of green coffee bean extract. The main component of the extract the proved to be the source of all the beneficial effects turned out to be the a fore mentioned chlorogenic acid. The study was conducted with the cooperation of 16 partaking adults, who added prototype green coffee bean extract supplements to their diets. After the three months of constant green coffee bean extract up to 1050 mg, clear results could be seen. All of the participants became lighter by around 18 pounds. The numbers speak for themselves, green coffee works.