Green Coffee Extract by Vita-Web makes it to our top 10 Green Coffee dietary supplements list, for its pure high grade coffee beans and excellent results. The product is one of our top picks as we were left very impressed after reviewing the product and discovering how well it functions.

This dietary Supplement utilizes Green Coffee extract to aid with weight loss. The formula has been proven to help reduce weight by many health specialists and professionals in the weight loss industry. Green coffee contains Chlorogenic Acids which are the key to losing weight; this product uses the recommended standardized dose of 50% Chlorogenic Acid for maximum results.


This product contains Gelatin, magnesium stearate, and silicon dioxide.

  • Green y health specialists and professionals in the weight loss industry. The formula has been proven to help reduce weight Coffee Bean Extract 800MG – Coffee Arabica, standardized for 50% Chlorogenic acids)


Green Coffee Extract comes in capsule form. Two of these capsules should be taken daily, one of a morning, and a following capsule of a night. This should be accompanied along with a glass of water approximately thirty minutes before meals.


One bottle of Vita-Web’s Green Coffee Extract contains sixty capsules and will last thirty days. Each bottle is priced at $32. This is a very good price for a green coffee dietary supplement. However, the manufacturer fails to offer any additional discounts, deals, or packages with their product, leaving customers with no other purchasing options.

Possible Side Effects

The product should not be taken if you are pregnant, nursing, or have high homocysteine levels. A doctor should be consulted before use if you have high blood pressure, diabetes, glaucoma, heart disease, anxiety, osteoporosis or IBS. This is possibly due to the product containing caffeine, which may cause similar effects to that of drinking coffee.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

Vita-Web wants to prove they believe in their product so offer a very lengthy, ninety day return time for any dissatisfied customers. They are very informative on this guarantee and promise to return the customers money back, without question or issue if the product was not up to standards.

There was a great lack of reviews for this product as only a small amount could be found, from the reviews we did find the customers that have purchased and used this product seem to be generally happy with the product and claim it worked and helped them along their way to losing weight.

The Bottom Line

The product is at a good price compared to other products similar to this one currently on the market. Vita-Web’s 100% money back guarantee is also very impressive which is why this product is one of our top picks, as customers can buy safely, knowing that they can return the product after a long period of time, if no results are found.

On the down side the lack of customer reviews is disappointing as a wider range of opinions is always nicer to see before purchasing a dietary supplement. Typically with dietary supplements customers tend to purchase several bottles to last each month, Vita-Web do not offer any package deal with their product, meaning customers will have to purchase each bottle separately at full price.

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