How to Effectively Use Green Coffee Bean Extract Supplements

Drinking coffee in the morning has always been a popular tradition for almost everyone. This delicious beverage is a great way to jumpstart your body during the beginning of the day and put you on the right path for the activities ahead. But just recently we have learned about the multitude of health benefits that are naturally contained within the coffee bean. But in order to gain access to these benefits, we have to process it a little differently than what we used to.

In fact, we barely need to process it at all! A study uncovered new information about green coffee beans. It revealed that roasting the coffee bean actually eliminates a large portion of its antioxidant properties. While roasting gives it that signature bitter yet smooth taste, it also destroys most of the chlorogenic acid (CGA) content inside the bean. CGA is the key ingredient in green coffee bean’s numerous health benefits.

Make the Most out of Green Coffee Bean Extract Supplements

How to Effectively Use Green Coffee Bean Extract SupplementsAfter a popular health television show highlighted the use of green coffee bean extracts in weight loss, its popularity has grown exponentially with consumers who are looking to drop some unwanted weight. It has now become one of the most sought after weight loss supplement in the market. This can be attributed not only to its effective weight loss capabilities but also to its high antioxidant content and ability to manage blood sugar and blood pressure levels. A lot of well-known manufacturers have already developed their own products that are based on the green coffee bean extract formula. Some sell it in capsule form while others offer it in beverages. Whatever you choose there are several factors that you should consider to guarantee that you will be receiving the optimum amount of CGA to help you lose weight as well as boost your overall health.

What to Look For

First and foremost, go look at the label of the product. Does it say that it contains 100% pure natural green coffee bean extract? If it contains other ingredients other than the green coffee bean then chances are it will not be able to deliver the maximum effect. Always pick a supplement that only contains the green coffee bean. That is the rule of thumb.

Is it actually Effective as a Weight Loss Supplement?

How to Effectively Use Green Coffee Bean Extract SupplementsThat is the million dollar question for all interested customers. The answer is yes, definitely. Of course, do not think of this supplement as a wonder drug that will drop your current number on the weighing scale in a flash. Like all supplements, this is merely a way to help make losing weight easier.  You still need discipline, proper workout and a healthy diet.

That being said, several studies have been conducted that showed how effective this weight loss supplement is. In one study, a group of adults were given daily doses of green coffee bean extract over the course of six months. They were not required to change their diet or perform any sort of daily exercise routine. After the test ran its course, every member of the group was able to lose 14% of their total body fat.

Green Coffee plus Healthy Living is the Best Method to Lose Weight Fast

Of course, it took almost half a year to lose that small amount but the evidence is there. Can you imagine how quick and easy losing weight would be if you include exercise and healthy eating into the mix?