Green Coffee Bean and its Weight Loss Properties

Green Coffee Bean and its Weight Loss Properties

A recent discovery about the numerous health benefits of unroasted coffee bean has propelled it into the limelight and is now currently one of the top weight loss supplements in the market. Not only does it offer a great way to help you lose weight, it also comes with several health benefits that further separate it from other weight loss products.

How Green Coffee Bean Helps your Body to Lose Weight

Coffee beans naturally contain high levels of polyphenols which includes chlorogenic acid or CGA. This is a potent antioxidant that assists the body in flushing out unwanted chemicals such as free radicals which causes negative effects on the body’s tissue. Not only that, but researchers have also discovered that coffee beans that were not roasted contains anti-hypertensive properties which helps normalize blood pressure.

Green Coffee Bean is not Your Average Weight Loss SupplementThe main difference between green coffee bean and black roasted ones is that the former contains a significantly lower amount of caffeine. Green coffee is in fact a non-stimulant supplement. It should also be noted that CGA gets destroyed when put through extreme temperature which is why standard roasted coffee will have minimum to non-existent levels of CGA.

So how exactly does CGA help in terms of making the body lose weight faster? Well, first of all, CGA promotes better blood sugar balancing by slowing down the production of glucose within the body. It also helps increase the metabolism of the liver which in turn burns fat as glucose levels is being maintained. This results in faster weight loss when used in conjunction with exercise and proper diet.

Clinical Studies has Proven the Effectiveness of Green Coffee

A study that was conducted in 2006 showed the weight loss effects of green coffee bean extract when tested in mice. During this intensive research, scientists discovered that the mouse was able to reduce its overall body and fat and weight. The results in these tests showed the potential of unroasted coffee beans when it comes to maintaining a healthy body weight.

Green Coffee Bean is not Your Average Weight Loss SupplementFurther studies were made in 2011 which included a test on human volunteers. The study required two groups with one taking a placebo while the other group took green coffee bean extracts. The results spoke for themselves as during the three month test period, the ones who took green coffee bean extract was able to lose about 5 pounds each while the other group who took the placebo lost 1 pound only.

Another test was done in 2012 which further cemented the previous test’s findings. In this test, several adults were given green coffee supplements for 2 months. They were not required to change their diet or do daily exercises and the results were mind blowing.

All volunteers saw a decrease of overall BMI as a high as 10%. There were also no reported side effects during this test from all who participated.

Final Thoughts

The effectiveness of green coffee in terms of weight loss has been proven and it has also been proven to be relatively safe to use. Of course, this is not a miracle product that will solve all your weight gain problems. In the end, to truly acquire all the benefits of this supplement you need to have discipline when it comes to your daily diet. Working out is also vital and will further quicken the results.

Green Coffee and its Weight Loss Capabilities

Green Coffee and its Weight Loss Capabilities

The green coffee bean extracts have now become a staple dietary drink for those who are looking for some assistance when it comes to losing weight. It is quite impressive how a product that we have used for centuries hide another benefit that we have just recently discovered.

What is Green Coffee Bean Extract?

Green coffee bean is basically an unroasted coffee bean. This is taken fresh and unroasted which we discover helps maintain its weight loss properties. This is why green coffee bean extracts are now one of the top ingredients in weight loss supplements.

The coffee beans that are sold are usually brown which is due to being roasted under a temperature of over 400 degrees. Coffee beans are actually green and contain more health benefits fresh than when roasted.

Green Coffee and its Weight Loss CapabilitiesA study that was conducted in 2011 showed that unroasted and fresh coffee bean contains a compound known as Chlorogenic Acid. This ingredient is actually a highly effective weight loss agent and is a natural compound in green coffee beans. This compound is eliminated when roasted but studies have shown that it can help in limiting glucose absorption and helps increase metabolism.

During the same study, the researchers tested the effectiveness of the extract found in green coffee beans with 16 volunteers. They were split into two groups with one being given a placebo while the other group is given the extract.

After 5 month of continuous use and daily exercise, the group that was consuming green coffee bean extract saw a decrease of 16% fat. The daily calorie intake of each volunteer was around 2,500 and they were able to burn off 400 calories each day with the help of the extract.

What to Look for in a Green Coffee Bean Extract Supplement?

You should not instantly purchase any product that simply claims to have green coffee bean extracts. There are several factors that you should consider before choosing the best weight loss supplement. Below is a list of what you Green Coffee and its Weight Loss Capabilitiesshould consider when purchasing a weight loss supplement that uses green coffee bean extract.

It needs to be 100% pure green coffee bean extract – The product must contain 100% pure green coffee bean extracts. There should be no extra ingredients added, just the extract itself.

The Chlorogenic Acid level should be at 50% – It should be between 40 to 50% so that you will be able to get the optimum benefits and results.

Capsules should contain a minimum of 400 mg – Anything less than 400 mg per capsule might cause the extract to be digested quickly and prevent it from being properly absorbed by the body which means you lose its benefits as well.

Getting Trustworthy Green Coffee Bean Extract Supplements

Always purchase one from manufacturers with a solid reputation in the market. You should also check if they are registered in the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to ensure the quality of both their product and their customer service. Green coffee bean extract is one of the most effective ingredients for those who wish to lose some weight but keep in mind that you should also develop a healthy lifestyle that includes exercise and proper diet.

Not Your Average Weight Loss Supplement

Green Coffee Bean is not Your Average Weight Loss Supplement

If you are currently looking for a great weight loss supplement then chances are you have come across a product that uses green coffee bean extracts. It has steadily built up its reputation and popularity after being featured in a popular television show but did you know that it is not merely a weight loss supplement? In fact, green coffee bean extracts are packed with nutrients and minerals that help enhance our overall health.

What are the Differences between Normal Coffee and Green Coffee?

Green Coffee Bean is not Your Average Weight Loss SupplementThe standard process when it comes to manufacturing coffee beans is to roast it. This gives it that smooth taste but did you know that this process eliminates some of the helpful compounds that are naturally found inside the coffee fruit? Roasting the coffee bean will greatly decrease, if not completely remove, its chlorogenic acid content or CGA. What is CGA? This is a chemical that contains high amounts of antioxidants which help in flushing out free radicals from the body and even has some amazing weight loss capabilities. CGA helps slow down the production of glucose into the bloodstream. This not only keeps sugar levels at a manageable state but also makes the body go to through its alternative energy source instead, which is fat. This is the main reason why green coffee bean extracts help the body lose weight faster.

The Effectiveness of Green Coffee Bean in Clinical Studies

Green Coffee Bean is not Your Average Weight Loss SupplementStudies have been conducted to determine the effectiveness of green coffee bean extract when it comes to losing weight quickly and safely. Numerous tests have been done throughout the years with the help of several volunteers who took the supplement regularly for a set amount of time. Each of these tests yielded promising results in the application of green coffee bean extract to weight management. Some of these studies even required that no huge changes should be done to the volunteer’s daily diet and yet they were still able to lose about 17 pounds within a 5 month period.

Research has also been done to determine its ability to help the body absorb glucose better. Studies show that taking green coffee bean extracts regularly can have a positive effect on the body’s ability to absorb and convert glucose faster. This also helps in preventing blood sugar to exceed safe levels and decrease risk of diabetes.

Extra Health Benefits from Taking Green Coffee Bean Extracts

The popularity of green coffee bean extracts started due to its potential as an effective weight loss supplement. But after years of continuous studies by medical experts we are now privy to other health benefits that we can obtain from this amazing fruit.

Not only is it a safe way to help the body lose weight, it can also enhance overall health thanks to the myriad of nutrients, vitamins and minerals that are contained within a single coffee bean. If you are looking for a safe way to lose weight and boost your health then the green coffee bean extract is definitely one of the best options available for you to take right now.

Packed with Antioxidants

Green Coffee – One of the Best Sources of Antioxidants

It has become a popular belief that coffee can be bad for one’s overall health if you drink it in excess. While there is a basis for this claim, the truth is that we can also get some health benefits from our favourite hot morning beverage but it needs to be processed a bit differently than normal. The green coffee bean extract is actually jam packed with antioxidants that can help strengthen the body. It is also a great weight loss supplement as well.Green Coffee - One of the Best Sources of Antioxidants

The Two Popular Coffee Plants

There are two popular types of coffee plants that are used worldwide to produce the beverage: the Arabica Coffee Plant and the Roubusta Coffee Plant. The Arabica is the more popular of the two and is basically the better tasting one as well.

The thing is, whenever we roast a coffee bean to create that smooth bitter taste, we effectively eliminate some of its best characteristics. Roasting the bean will actually reduce the chlorogenic acid content to a minimum or sometimes eliminate it completely. What is chlorogenic acid? It is a chemical that contains high levels of antioxidants and is one of the coffee bean’s main active ingredients.

Benefits of Green Coffee as Compared to Normal “Black” Coffee

While black coffee beans do have a certain level of antioxidants contained within each bean, it pales in comparison to what a natural green coffee bean contains. The standard coffee most of us love to drink basically contains almost none of the great vitamins and minerals it naturally has because of how we process it.

Green Coffee - One of the Best Sources of AntioxidantsRoasting a coffee bean not only removes its high antioxidant properties, it also increases the risk of health ailments if the beverage is taken in excess. There is also the issue of coffee beans being one of the most heavily pesticide sprayed plants in the farming industry. These chemicals can be dangerous to our health and may even increase the risk of cancer.

Going back to green coffee beans will not only eliminate these risks but also help prevent other ailments from developing in our body. Green coffee bean is a great source of antioxidants that can help cleanse our body of harmful chemicals. It can also increase our liver’s metabolism and be of huge assistance when it comes to losing weight. It also offers another health benefit that is not talked about as much but is certainly one of its biggest advantages.

Green Coffee Bean Extracts and its Effect on Blood Sugar Levels

As we grow older our body weakens when it comes to regulating glucose levels that are absorbed into the bloodstream. This is why the risk of diabetes gets higher as the years go by. By including green coffee bean extract supplement into our daily diet, we are able to boost our body’s ability to maintain manageable glucose levels.

This is how green coffee bean extract weight loss supplements work. By increasing metabolism and reducing glucose production, our body not only prevents serious ailments from developing but also turns to an alternative source for energy, in this case our body fat. Taking green coffee bean is a win-win situation as not only will it help you achieve the body and weight you desire but also protects you from several ailments as well.


Arabica Plant vs. Robusta Coffee Plant

Difference between the Arabica Plant and Robusta Coffee Plant

There is a variety of coffee plants out there but at this moment there are two main types that are widely being cultivated today: the Arabica and the Robusta coffee plant. The Arabica makes up for about 80% of the world’s coffee bean production while the Robusta takes about 20%. The Robusta takes its name from its robustness, but falls short when it comes to overall taste when compared to the Arabica.

Growing and Developing the Coffee Plant

Difference between the Arabica Plant and Robusta Coffee PlantCoffee plants take a couple of years to fully develop, about four years, in fact. A sure sign that it is ready to be harvested is the appearance of sweet smelling flowers. Arabica and Robusta have different ways of reproducing as well. The Arabica plant can self pollinate while the Robusta plant needs cross pollination.

Climate will also be a factor when it comes to the speed of development of the coffee plant. It takes about 8 weeks for the coffee flower to start cell division. After the 8 week period, the ovaries of the coffee plant will begin to develop the fruit which will grow within a span of 15 weeks.

This is also the time when the endosperm develops which will usually go on for more than a couple of months. The coffee bean will have a green texture but will gradually change to red during the 35 week developmental cycle.

The Root System of the Coffee Plant

The coffee plant might have an impressive height but it fails in comparison when it comes to its roots. The coffee plant’s root can reach up to 25 kilometers in length and the overall area of absorption can range up to 500 meter squared. There are three types of roots that can be found as well. They are the vertical root, lateral root and tap roots.

Difference between the Arabica Plant and Robusta Coffee PlantThe tap roots burrow no deeper than forty five centimeter below the surface. There are usually about 8 axial roots that begin horizontally but eventually go downward during its growth. The lateral roots have the capacity to grow about 2 meters from the plant’s trunk.

The feeder root can be located underneath the initial 20 centimeter of dirt and can usually be found about 90 centimeter away from the main coffee plant. Plant expert states that a high concentration of roots is most likely located about 60 cm below the soil. The kind of soil will play a huge factor to the development of the coffee plant. For the coffee plant to be strong, the soil needs to contain high levels of calcium, magnesium and nitrogen.

One technique utilized by coffee farmers to help enhance the growth of horizontal roots is to clip the vertical roots during its growth period. This allows for the coffee plant to gain optimum access to the water and minerals that are packed within the upper soil.

The Coffee Plant Leaves

The leaves of coffee plants are quite different from your standard plant. Coffee plant leaves have a waxy texture and a shady green and glossy appearance. One of the more all encompassing benefits of coffee plants is the fact that it has become one of the major sources of breathable air in our planet. A coffee plant hectare can produce about 80+ pounds of oxygen in a single day, comparable to about what half of a rain forest can produce.

The coffee industry is one of the biggest in the world. People need their daily dose of coffee and thankfully we have all the coffee plants in the world to satiate our need for our morning energy booster.

Health Reasons Why You Should Lose Weight

Health Reasons Why You Should Lose Weight

Most think that gaining a few extra pounds is not much of a big deal. However, this belief is far from the truth. While gaining an extra pounds may seem like more of a nuisance, it has far reaching effects when it comes to our health. We may not feel it now but in the future it will make a large impact on our health.

So, here are several reasons as to why you should always maintain a healthy weight, your future may depend on it.

  1. Lowers the Risk of Developing Cancer

Studies have shown that women who are overweight have a much higher risk of developing endometrial cancer such as breast cancer. This is due to the fact that body fat increases the body’s estrogen production which is being looked at as one of the reasons for breast cancer. Another study has shown that the chemical leptin, which is a hormone connected to weight gain, is also linked to the spread of cancerous breast cells.

  1. Keeps your Mind Sharp

Health Reasons Why You Should Lose WeightThere was a study conducted that showed the effects of what being overweight does to the brain. This study concluded that obese people have an extremely high chance of developing dementia in their later years. The heavier and larger the person is, the higher the risk that they start developing dementia. To prevent this from happening, switch to nonfat or low fat yogurt drinks in the morning. The amount of calcium yogurt contains can help your body increase its metabolism throughout the day.

  1. Enhances your Body’s Healing Factor

Having a healthy body mass can help you recover from injuries and medical operations faster without the risk of developing any side effects. This is doubly true for cancer survivors. Studies show that obese women had a higher chance of developing complications after mastectomy. Overweight individuals would also not get the full benefits of medications from chemotherapy as they are given smaller doses due to the risk of toxicity.

  1. Keeps your Heart Healthy

It is common knowledge now that the fatter you are, the greater the risk of heart attacks. Obese people are 50% more likely to suffer heart attack a decade earlier than those who are well within a healthy weight limit. Obesity can also increase the risk of diabetes and high blood pressure. Always include foods that are good for your heart’s health such as dark leafy vegetables and unsalted nuts.

  1. Prevents you from Feeling Depressed

Health Reasons Why You Should Lose WeightDoctors have found a link between depression and obesity. A study was conducted that gathered data from 4,000 women, ages 40 to 65. Studies have shown that about 6.5% of the women who had a normal BMI suffered from some sort of depression. However, the numbers rocketed upwards to 25% with women who are overweight. Changing your daily lifestyle can help but it is recommended that those who suffer from depression seek out professional help from a therapist.

  1. Avoid Body Pains

Those who are overweight are more akin to having body pains and aches than people with a normal weight. Try conducting about an hour a day of exercise. Talk to your doctor for a good beginner’s exercise routine or watch a workout video that you are interested in trying out. Start slow and you will be able to steadily lose weight while also gaining the benefits of having a healthy and fit body.

Staying healthy is not just an aesthetic for the body. It is a way to guarantee that you will stay healthy and safe from any dangerous health ailments in the future. The steps to losing weight are easy but maintaining them is the real challenge. But with all difficult tasks comes great rewards in the future so start trimming off those excess body weight.

CGA in Coffee Beans

CGA in Coffee Beans

What is chlorogenic acid? If you are an avid coffee drinker then one of its qualities that you probably love is the rather acidic and bitter flavor. This is caused by the chlorogenic acid which is present in both roasted and unroasted coffee bean. There are other plants out there that are comprised of this type of acid but coffee beans hold the highest concentration. So, what do we know about chlorgenic acid’s effect on the body? That is what we are here to find out.

What are the Types of Chlorogenic Acids found in Coffee?

CGA in Coffee BeansThere are various types of CGAs and the most common one found in coffee beans is the 5-caffeoylquinic acid. It also contains the following CGAs but is found at a much smaller dose: feruloylquinic acid, coumaroylquinic acid and dicaffeoylquinic acid. The amount of CGA found in the coffee bean will determine the quality of the taste and scent of the coffee.

Quantity of Chlorogenic Acids in Different Types of Coffee

How the coffee was prepared will have an impact at the amount of CGAs that it contains. Grinding, roasting and preparation of the coffee will all have an effect on the bean’s CGA content and this will result in coffees with a wide variety of taste.

Robusta beans for example naturally contains a larger amount of CGA when compared to Arabica coffee plants. This is the reason for the huge difference of taste between the two. Roasting a coffee bean will decrease the CGA levels; hence, darker colored beans will always have lower CGA content. When it comes to grounding the coffee bean, finely grounded ones will have a higher CGA content. The temperature for which you brew the bean will also affect the CGA content level.

What are the Benefits of CGA?

CGA in Coffee BeansThe CGA has the potential to deliver high doses of antioxidants in the body. This in turn helps the body to flush out harmful chemicals that may cause damage to your skin. However, CGA is known to be digested extremely quickly by the body which begs the question of how effective it truly is as an antioxidant if the body does not have the time to properly absorb it?

CGA is also being looked at as a reliable preventive measure to health conditions such as diabetes, mainly diabetic cataracts. A recent study was conducted that showed the health benefits of CGA and its ability to stem the spread of diabetic cataracts in an animal. However, more time and research must still be done in order to fully learn its effectiveness when it comes to the human cases.

Are Green Coffee Bean Extracts Effective?

That is the question researchers are still trying to answer up to this day. However, the potency of CGA is further enhanced due to the fact that Green Coffee uses unroasted beans which means the CGA levels is not degraded through roasting. The answer seems to point that green coffee bean extracts hold a lot more health benefits than what it initially shows. That much is for sure.

How to Effectively Use Green Coffee Bean Extract Supplements

How to Effectively Use Green Coffee Bean Extract Supplements

Drinking coffee in the morning has always been a popular tradition for almost everyone. This delicious beverage is a great way to jumpstart your body during the beginning of the day and put you on the right path for the activities ahead. But just recently we have learned about the multitude of health benefits that are naturally contained within the coffee bean. But in order to gain access to these benefits, we have to process it a little differently than what we used to.

In fact, we barely need to process it at all! A study uncovered new information about green coffee beans. It revealed that roasting the coffee bean actually eliminates a large portion of its antioxidant properties. While roasting gives it that signature bitter yet smooth taste, it also destroys most of the chlorogenic acid (CGA) content inside the bean. CGA is the key ingredient in green coffee bean’s numerous health benefits.

Make the Most out of Green Coffee Bean Extract Supplements

How to Effectively Use Green Coffee Bean Extract SupplementsAfter a popular health television show highlighted the use of green coffee bean extracts in weight loss, its popularity has grown exponentially with consumers who are looking to drop some unwanted weight. It has now become one of the most sought after weight loss supplement in the market. This can be attributed not only to its effective weight loss capabilities but also to its high antioxidant content and ability to manage blood sugar and blood pressure levels. A lot of well-known manufacturers have already developed their own products that are based on the green coffee bean extract formula. Some sell it in capsule form while others offer it in beverages. Whatever you choose there are several factors that you should consider to guarantee that you will be receiving the optimum amount of CGA to help you lose weight as well as boost your overall health.

What to Look For

First and foremost, go look at the label of the product. Does it say that it contains 100% pure natural green coffee bean extract? If it contains other ingredients other than the green coffee bean then chances are it will not be able to deliver the maximum effect. Always pick a supplement that only contains the green coffee bean. That is the rule of thumb.

Is it actually Effective as a Weight Loss Supplement?

How to Effectively Use Green Coffee Bean Extract SupplementsThat is the million dollar question for all interested customers. The answer is yes, definitely. Of course, do not think of this supplement as a wonder drug that will drop your current number on the weighing scale in a flash. Like all supplements, this is merely a way to help make losing weight easier.  You still need discipline, proper workout and a healthy diet.

That being said, several studies have been conducted that showed how effective this weight loss supplement is. In one study, a group of adults were given daily doses of green coffee bean extract over the course of six months. They were not required to change their diet or perform any sort of daily exercise routine. After the test ran its course, every member of the group was able to lose 14% of their total body fat.

Green Coffee plus Healthy Living is the Best Method to Lose Weight Fast

Of course, it took almost half a year to lose that small amount but the evidence is there. Can you imagine how quick and easy losing weight would be if you include exercise and healthy eating into the mix?

Can Green Coffee Really Help You Lose Weight?

Can Green Coffee Really Help You Lose Weight?

Coffee has to be one of the most consumed beverages in the entire planet. Almost every country has one and it is estimated that a billion cup of coffee is made and taken by billions of people around the world in a single day. Coffee has always been the go to drink for those looking wake their body up but studies have shown that pure green coffee has some amazing weight loss properties that we can use as well.

Unroasted Coffee Bean and Weight LossCan Green Coffee Really Help You Lose Weight?

The biggest factor with green coffee bean’s weight loss property is the antioxidant compound chlorogenic acid. It was discovered that CGA can help increase the body’s ability to absorb glucose. This in turn decreases the level of glucose in your body which then forces the body to burn up fat as its alternative form of energy. In effect, this helps the body burn off fat faster than it normally would.

Amount of CGA in a Coffee

Standard roasted coffee bean will have a significantly lower amount of CGA as compared to natural green coffee bean. This is because CGA breaks down when put through tremendous heat. A recent study was made to learn the amount of CGA lost during the coffee bean roasting proces and it showed that almost half is lost during a normal 12 minute roasting. CGA level is almost reduced to nothing when the roasting process lasted for almost half an hour.

CGA is a great antioxidant as well as a weight loss compound. Coffee beans seem to have one of the highest concentrations of CGA but we were not able to take advantage of it due to the fact that it deteriorates during the roasting process. However, now that green coffee products are available everyone will be able to benefit from the full potential of coffee when it comes to its effect on our health.

Researchers Analyze Green Coffee Extract

Can Green Coffee Really Help You Lose Weight?Experiments have been made that included volunteers to test out the effectiveness of green coffee with its weight loss properties. The study incorporated two groups with one taking green coffee extracts for three months. Result came and showed that the group that took the green coffee extract was able to lose about 5 pounds during the three month period. The group who took the standard black coffee was only able to lose about a pound.

Final thoughts

Green coffee bean extract has proven itself to be a great supplement for those looking to lose some weight. It is safe and effective but exercise and proper diet will always make the process of losing weight run much more smoothly and quickly. Doctors recommend a daily dose of 180 to 1,000 mg of green coffee extract for those who wish to lose some weight.

Remember to always consult your doctor first before trying out any form of new supplement to ensure that your body will not react negatively to it. Green coffee has become one of the top leading weight loss supplements in the market today. Its effectiveness is without question and it is one of the safest weight loss supplement available as well.

Improve your Health with Green Coffee Bean Extract

Improve your Health with Green Coffee Bean Extract

We have just scratched the surface when it comes to amount of benefits one can derive from a coffee bean. Researchers have just recently discovered that pure unroasted coffee bean can assist our body in losing weight. Now, medical researchers are taking a closer look at the coffee bean to find out what other health benefits we can get this favorite hot beverage ingredient.

What We Know About Green Coffee Bean

Improve your Health with Green Coffee Bean ExtractIt is now pretty common to see products that contain extracts from green coffee beans in the market. Its popularity stems from its ability to offer not just a safe way to lose weight but also other effects that our body will greatly benefit from. For example, a pure green coffee bean extract is a great source of antioxidants. Polyphenols is a compound that is found in unroasted coffee bean which is known for its high antioxidant properties.

Another ingredient that can be found in green coffee beans is the photogenic acid which is known for a myriad of health benefits to the human body. However, one of the biggest benefits of drinking pure unroasted coffee beans is the fact that it excludes a key negative ingredient in roasted coffee beans. Cafestol develops within the coffee bean when it is roasted; this gives the coffee its bitter taste but is also a habit forming compound. Taking the coffee bean in its natural state eliminates this compound completely.

What Compounds is Present within Green Coffee Beans?

The most common ingredients found in green coffee beans are chlorogenic acids and polyphenols. Cholorgenic acid is the compound that helps increase our body’s metabolism and in effect helps us lose weight easier. Not only that but it is also known for its anti-inflammatory capabilities. Other compounds found in each extract are the dicaffeoylguinic acid (DCQA) and caffeoylguinic acid (CQA) which contain high levels of photogenic acids.

Both the Arabica coffee plant and Robusta coffee plant can be used to create green coffee bean extracts but the Arabica is much more recommended as it is far stronger and contains more healthy compounds.

What are the Health Benefits we can get from Green Coffee Beans?

Improve your Health with Green Coffee Bean ExtractWe already know about its ability to assist our body in losing weight but a little known fact is that it is also a great source of antioxidants that can help our body flush out free radicals and other unwanted chemicals.

Other health benefits we can gain from drinking green coffee bean is its ability to lower blood pressure, strengthens the cardiovascular system, manages blood sugar levels and helps prevents diabetes and a colon cleanser.

Green coffee beans are quickly picking up speed when it comes to popularity with the public who are looking for a reliable and healthy supplement that they can take to keep their body strong.

Its ability to help a person lose weight is an extra benefit that will also help that person aim for a healthier lifestyle. This extract may still hold several health benefits that we have yet to discover but what it offers today is more than enough to put us on the right and healthy path.